try something new, darling. it’s called trust.

1key. (noun) \ˈkē\

A key, or the act of awarding someone a key, symbolizes trust and commitment in a relationship. The relationship may be between 2 people in love, or between an employer and an employee, though the parties involved are not what is important. Emphasis is placed on the rising level of trust and commitment. 

Disney Scenery Porn ⌘ Beauty and the Beast (part 2)

mara dyer, michelle hodkin

"we’re a couple now, haters!" (3.01)

track: Sober [rough]
artist: Childish Gambino
album: Kauai
play count: 54364


O U A T  M E M E
[2/6] non romantic relationships - prince charming and emma swan

Some’ll laugh and some just sit and cry
But you just sit down there and you wonder why


They’re just people, Larry. They’re just women who are trying to do their best and you made them sound like… like they were…  


emma watson by ellen von unwerth


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